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First and foremost this book was written as a testament to the greatness of God, our Creator.  It is also for all my angels who have touched my life in a profound way.
Writing these stories in forty nights was a journey I took on with passion and commitment
take a journey with me as I take a big leap of faith, and unveil my barefooted soul.
“God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.”
On the night of October 20, 2005, I started writing again to heed this humbling call.
My childhood days were quite different from the life my children and I now live.
Welcome to my new paradise!

Writing these stories in 40 nights was a journey I took on with passion and commitment since my daughter, Andrea Grace, gave me a copy of the book, The Purpose Driven Life. Thank you, Andrea, for your sweet, endearing heart and grace that inspired the very core of my being. You will always be my sunshine.

To my son, Alberto, thank you for your insightful advice and contributions to my stories that have made me so proud of you. I love you and will always be proud of having taken the most difficult journey of my lifetime with you. Your presence in this journey saved our future. You were my child hero. I hope this experience will forever instill love in your heart.

I also thank Rick Warren for writing such a powerful book, The Purpose Driven Life, which touched my very soul. Its meaning and life lessons provided me a clear path and I now know exactly how I want to spend my remaining time on earth. Completing my stories in 40 nights was a lesson I learned from your “groundbreaking meaning of life manifesto.” Your powerful words awakened my barefooted soul.

To Tony Barcelo, for being my musical producer for the theme song, Barefooted Soul and my Filipino song, Pinoy Boomer. To Roxanne Barcelo, your soulful voice transformed the lyrics and melody of Barefooted Soul into beautiful song and music I would be forever proud of. I imagined billions of souls that this song and your voice may potentially reach. To Pinky Amador, I am heartened by your genuine heart to touch the Overseas Filipino Workers (OWFs) through your joyful voice. Giving your extraordinary talent to sing and give life to my Filipino song, Pinoy Boomer is totally awesome. Through this song, I envisioned your vibrant personality and your colorful spirit touching over 7.5 Million Filipino-Americans living far away from our native land. Thank you also to George McClure and Gerry Peters from Nashville, Tennessee, and Doug Benson from Maryland for producing several songs contained under the chapter, We Saw The Best In You!. It was through this project that the music in me was first discovered. I will not forget your talents and help in one of my finest moments.

To Susan Romero-Vidal, for encouraging me to write and for your untiring support and encouragement. I thank you for all the knowledge you passed on to me so that my book-writing journey would be a joyful and enriching experience. Your enthusiasm transfused life into my tired hand and mind. You gifted me with a friendship I will treasure.

To Johnny Pecayo, for a beautiful write-up in the Manila-U.S. Times and for rekindling, once again, my long lost love for writing. You have been a great support and a generous ambassador of my projects. I am heartened to have your kindness and confidence. You became my public relations genius as you touched others to pay attention to what my book has to bring. You are a true ambassador of a Filipino’s ingenuity and creativity.

To Johan Erik Cerrada, my graphics designer. Your artistic talents are heaven-sent. You gave so much life into the cover and all other graphics I have used in this book. You are an incredibly talented young man. I thank you for making my book absolutely gorgeous with a world-class look. With ease, you interpreted my vision and crude drawings as if I were within you. The excitement my book first created started with your book cover and website design! And for this, I thank you.

To Colleen Wilson, my editor, who made sure all my English words and grammar reflect excellent craftsmanship of my second language. You are another angel that came into my life. I thank you for being with me in this journey and for all your kind words. Your small nuggets in between editing have enhanced my natural writing. It was a true blessing you were the only person I picked on the Internet to help me in this project. Though I have never even seen your face, your beautiful spirit is inscribed in my heart.

To Soc Tiongson, another great editor, who along with Colleen and Johnny provided editorial assistance. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and support. I am heartened by your friendship.

To Jason Cangialosi, thank you for your thorough and detailed assistance in researching statistics and information on social issues highlighted in this book. Your research and summaries on issues such as poverty, abused women, immigrations, and other statistics I used in this book provided rich social perspectives that challenge our minds and hearts to look beyond our own life to help the less fortunate people of this world

To Paul Emerson Marquez, thank you for your technical assistance in some programming parts of the website. I appreciate very much your prompt help that enabled us to share great news about this book.

To my relatives, Carmen and Tony Canda, Digo and Evelyn Asuncion, Vincent and Amy Asuncion, Ligaya Asuncion, Gemma and David Kerstetter, and the entire Asuncion and Paterno family for all your prayers and for your words of encouragement.

To my friends, colleagues and special supporters, Eleanor Alfonso, Jim Robinson, Myrna Juat, Abot Mendoza, Farimah Nahid, Mary Din, Tess Dillon, Larissa Williams, Janet Ernst, Arsenia Santos, Galo Elequin-Mungcal, Josie Collins, Ray Vanneman, Jeanne Rockenbaugh, Robbi Dreifuerst, Connie Pratt, Connie Harris, Marie Ricasa, Sonny Amores, Jeanne Saddler, Leny Strobel, Odette Jimenez, Steve Serra, Lita Foster, Patty Paez, Siiji Abu, Eleanor Brown, Daphne Hurd, Mildred Baynor, and all others who gave their words of encouragement and believed in this book. You all inspired me to do a good job and to keep writing. You friendships are precious to my soul.

Most of all, to my dearest love, Jeff Snively, for always being there to give me moral support and assistance. I thank you for your patience during this time of self-reflection and perhaps even isolation as I crafted this book for the world to hear the great things you and I have shared together as best friends and soul mates, forever, in our own way!

Imelda R. Roberts