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"Imelda's story has written an indelible footprint in my own soul. It is a footprint that wants to venture to places where only the brave would dare go... a footprint that carries the mark of our friendship, that knows no bounds... knows no distance.

I was a witness to her pain and agony. I praise and thank God for gifting her an Easter experience...a new life indeed! The Barefooted Soul is a living testament of God's faithfulness and unfailing love."

Susan Romero-Vidal
Author, Agent for Life
Makati, Philippines

"It has been my privilege to know Imelda Roberts and to learn of her story. The Barefooted Soul is an inspirational story of one soul's transformational journey to realize the promise of her inward spirit. It is the story of humanity's evolution in consciousness to embrace those who, while appearing to be different or apart, are the other parts of ourselves. She writes compelling stories which help us to know that we cannot be complete while making others invisible and denying their full humanity. I am uplifted by her message and her living example of courage, faith, undying hope, undiminished spirit, and compassion for others. Could it be that "the barefooted" among us are leading the planet to rediscover its collective soul?"

Jim Robinson, Executive Director
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C. USA

"Imelda has added her story to the archive of memory-making of Filipinos in
the diaspora. Each of us seem to be drawn to the recall and recovery of
cultural and personal memories that are now begging to be rediscovered and
retold as we find that there is now space and place to honor those stories.
Imelda has done her do yours."

Leny Mendoza Strobel, Author
A Book of Her Own: Words and Images to Honor the Babaylan
San Francisco, California

"I reviewed your website and was amazed at the book cover, song and story synopsis. I believe that you have a Best Seller in the making and you’re right - the book will appeal to people of all ages.

Life is about meeting and overcoming the many challenges we encounter in our life journey. As one who have known you in your professional life and have admired you greatly, I look forward to the published book. Good Luck and I send you my best wishes and prayers."

Consuella Harris, Human Resources Officer

Maryland, USA