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Barefooted Soul / Imelda Roberts.

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A uniquely powerful and inspirational story, the Barefooted Soul will truly captivate your heart and spirit.

From the flooded rural province of Pampanga to the muddy, poverty stricken city of Divisoria and Tondo, no one would ever imagine that this barefooted child would be exalted from a life of extreme poverty to a journey of faith, success, transformation and phenomenal personal breakthroughs. It’s as if her life was destined to create a message of hope for the underprivileged women and children of the world. Roberts’ small stature and humble beginnings in a Third World country to her enormous success in the world's most powerful city has become one of her most important life's legacies.

The Barefooted Soul is a fascinating book about an ordinary person with extraordinary courage. The deep emotions within Imelda Roberts' soul will strike a chord in your heart. Rich with life lessons and filled with songs written by Roberts, the Barefooted Soul
will surely touch you deeply that it will leave an indelible footprint in your own soul.

Discover the barefooted soul's triumphant spirit and enter the life of...

• A homeless scholar who refused to become a statistic. In the end, she overcame a life of poverty to find prosperity!

• A wife who broke the sanctity of her religion and survived a despicable struggle from the man she once loved. Her story is heartbreaking, riveting and compelling. Her courageous soul will inspire you as she sweeps away the shame in her life, shares her secrets, and opens her heart so others may learn from her difficult past.

• A single mother who gave her every breath of life for her children’s sake. Today two beautiful, gentle souls are living testaments of her unconditional love.

• An educated, successful professional from the Philippines' largest multinational corporation who migrated to America to start a new life. Though she began working as a maid, she rose to a life made in heaven. Against all odds, she reached the pinnacle of her career as one of the most respected executives in her field. Discover her award-winning journey in the world's most powerful city.

• A writer and a songwriter’s journey on self-reflections leading to soulful defining moments, and 40 soulful stories of her life written in just 40 consecutive nights. A true divinely inspired story of the strength of the human spirit. Despite her imperfect world, she found her own perfect state of mind - she believed and achieved her dreams. Barefooted Soul is her gratitude book and a voice on behalf of those whose lives are connected to hers.

This book will touch every child, student, mother, wife, friend, employee, government worker, executive, immigrant, Filipino, American and everyone else. It is a thanksgiving tribute to all the angels that surrounded her life. This is her life - this is the journey of the barefooted soul!