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An Open Letter From Johnny M. Pecayo,
Chairman, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief, Manila-U.S. Times
May 6, 2005

Dear Imee:

Your very impressive resume and super outstanding accomplishments caused a change in the Executive Profile of the Year (instead of the normal, Executive Profile of the Week). Indeed, it was the first time we went beyond the allocated half page for the featured executive profile. But there is a good reason for that. I wanted to capture the whole gamut of your working experiences, your inherent talents, and the connections you have established, including other personal achievements and to share them with the whole world.

What an achievement! Not anyone from our batch in San Miguel Corporation has done what you have accomplished after working from San Miguel Corporation. What you have reached is quite unique as far as those achievements outside of San Miguel are concerned.

Carry on and keep up the good work. The Filipino American community, the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, your families and Circle of Friends as well as the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, I am sure, are very, very proud of you.

It is my singular honor to feature you in the MANILA-U.S. TIMES’ Executive Profile of the Year (instead of Of The Week, as we have normally done in the past, because of your superb accomplishments in life). You deserve to be the role model for everyone!

Very truly yours,


Chairman, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

229 North Central Avenue, Suite 506, Glendale, CA 91203
Tel. 818/ 749-0151 . 310/ 439-2873 .

Note: The Executive Profile of the Year article published in Manila-U.S. Times sparked many emails that inspired Imelda Roberts to start creative writing in May 2005. It is therefore, fitting to use this profile to introduce her to all of you.